Automate Your Business with these 5 Website Tips

Automate Your Business with these 5 Website Tips

Websites are pretty smart these days. There is much more they can do for you than just a contact form. Here are some other ways you may not have thought about to automate your business with your WordPress website.

FAQ’s Page / Knowledge Base

Having somewhere on your website to point customers to when they have common questions can save you time and sanity,
and can give them the opportunity to help themselves before they even pickup the phone. It’s a Win-Win!

Online Forms

Do you have several paper forms that you use to gather information from customers? That you have to print, post, collect, process, and archive?
Having an online form on your website can drastically reduce the whole process. Simply give the link to the form to the customer, they fill in their details, and the information can be automatically entered into a spreadsheet or even just emailed directly to you/your staff.


If you have a product based business (or only have a couple of products to sell), consider using your website to make sales online for you, 24 hours a day.
Ship products direct from supplier to customer, without ever having to use up your own floorspace. Accept multiple payment methods, offer coupon codes, run promotions etc…

Training Courses

Use your website as a portal for your staff to login and access training materials and procedures needed for their jobs.
You no longer need to print those 30+ page manuals just so they can get lost or torn up. If your procedures change, update them in a single place, rather than re-publishing countless booklets.

Take Bookings or Appointments

Running an event? Take bookings through your website where you can take payments and automatically send out tickets.
Put an availability calendar on your website for customers to book an appointment and make a payment automatically.

If you would like to discuss how we can build you a website and incorporate any these features, please use our contact form.

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